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Denver's Savings Book
601 16TH Street Suite C-201, Golden , CO   80401    
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  Denver Savings Book    "Helping Others In Need"  
Welcome to The Denver Savings Dining & Entertainment Coupon Book. Early 2014 First Edition.

Denver Savings Book provides local coupon savings for the Denver, Co.  Regional Area. This is our FIRST Edition of our New Annual savings book. The sales from this savings book will provide much needed fundraising for local Schools, Charities, Boys and Girls clubs, Org"s and more...Our books are ONLY sold through Local Schools and other special programs.
Our Dining and Entertainment Savings books are some of the best quality books at any price. We offer the best value for your money and the $20 price of the book is a great start! Our books are 8.5" x 5.5" (easy to place in purse or glove compartment), full color and 68+ pages of VALUABLE coupons. 35,000 Books to be printed. Savings Of OVER $2,500. Birthday Free Stuff, Buy One Get One Free, 50% off and more.
Free Basic advertisement for restaurants, eateries, and entertainment business.  
Full and Half page Advertisements are 1/2 PRICE NOW!!! Get your business listed today.
Your business also gets a FREE listing Here = $240. Value! 
           Example of Basic Coupon Advertisement   FREE AD.
  Logo     business info
Front side of coupon has Logo business info and the offer for customers to visit their business.
Back side of coupon will have terms and conditions if any. Coupon expiration date. 18 months.
 Free Advertisement Page Placement Donations Information:
 Donations are accepted Cash, Credit Card, Business Check .
Restaurant Section Page Donation Info:    150+ listings     
Page 1 & 2: Donation of $300.+ ....only 12 Spots open.     
Page 3: Donation of $275.+ ... Only 6 Spots open.
Page 4: Donation of $250.+...   Only 6 Spots open.    
Page 5: Donation of $225.+...   Only 6 Spots open.    
Page 6: Donation of $200.+...   Only 6 Spots open.     
Page 7: Donation of $175.+...   Only 6 Spots open.
Page 8: Donation of $150.+...   Only 6 Spots open.
Page 9: Donation of $125.+...   Only 6 Spots open. 
Page 10: Donation of $100.+..  Only 6 Spots open.
Pages 11 on will be listed by amount of donation $99. or less
FREE ads will fill in pages in random order.
Entertainment Section Page donation info:   60+ Listings    
Page 1: Donation of $200.+... Only 6 Spots open.    
Page 2: Donation of $150.+... Only 6 Spots open.    
Page 3: Donation of $100.+... Only 6 Spots open.
Page 4: Donation of $75.+...   Only 6 Spots open.
Page 5: Donation of $50.+...   Only 6 spots open
Pages 6+ Donation of any amount to free (free listed in random).
 Don’t wait Reserve your spot now before they are GONE…
Services Section: Salon & Spas, Auto, Heating & Air, ect:

There will only be 5 pages printed in this section. Donation to be listed in this section is 1/2 price now is Only $250.00 for your basic coupon listing as shown above.(Reg $500. per ad spot).

Call 303-854-4558 to get your business listed in this section..

Pricing for Full page and half page are:  (HALF PRICE FOR THE FIRST BOOK)
Premium Full page advertisement is Reg. $2450. Now $1200. for full page ad.    OR
Half page advertisement is Reg.$1450. NOW $700.
Premium pages are inside 2 pages of covers and middle pages. 4 premium pages total.
Regular Full page advertisement is Reg. $1995. Now $950. for Reg Full page advertisement.
Regular Half page advertisement is Reg. $1150. Now $550. for half page advertisement.

Regular page advertisements are placed throughout book.   
With all Paid advertisement pages you will receive Free the same amount in savings books to give to customers, employees, friends, family or sell them in your business to your customers.
Virtually Free advertising. (Full and Half page ads) Full Page Ad= $1200/20= 60 Free Books.

Tired of having your ads thrown away before they are even seen? Have your EXCLUSIVE ad seen on a constant basis for over 10 MONTHS. Customers will know exactly who you are when they are ready for your product or service!

Denver Savings Book is NEW to the Denver, Co. area.

Just $20 to receive over $2,500 in savings! We are 90% savings with a few choice ads… like yours!

PLUS, we will give you up to or more than an equal amount of books for your advertising dollar. You can sell these books (or give them to your employees and clients) which makes advertising with us virtually FREE! These books are sold through local charities like (Lions, Special Olympics, Stepping Stones, Churches, Schools and many more). Not only are you getting great advertising, but people are seeing that you are helping your local community!


Payment: 10% discount for payment in full!

                 50% is due now.

                 50% due upon delivery of the Savings Book.

                 Credit Cards accepted

Free advertisements please e-mail business logo and business info including offer to be put on coupon. Our design department will draft your coupon and e-mail or fax proof to you for approval. Full and Half page advertisements please call for details.  303-854-4558
Need more information call 303-854-4558 
                      ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! 

Every advertising medium out there will tell you that they are the best and your business won't grow without them.  It's difficult for the business owner to sift through all of this to find how their advertising budget can go the furthest and bring the most clients to their door.

First, you need to ask yourself some questions . . .

  • Will people look (or hear) you and and more importantly, will they remember it?

  • Do people look at the ad medium for just a minute and usually throw it away.  Will they remember me 6 months from now when they need my product or service?

  • Is the ad investment affordable?

  • Will the ad bring in more sales than the ad cost and can I track this?

  • Is my ad placed with other ads showing my competition?

Let's take a look at what Denver Savings Book advertising offers and if you can truly benefit from partnering with us.

Advertising last for Up To 18 Months without being thrown away!
Books are sold through charities like; Schools, Boy's & Girl's Clubs, Habitat for Humanity, Lions club, and many more in need of fund raising!
35,000 books will be printed and sold for 2014/2015.  People look at their books weekly and daily!
Advertising is Extremely Affordable!  Prices range from FREE to $2,450 for the entire 18 months of exposure!  This is for 18 months which averages $17 - $137 a month. 

Advertising is almost FREE because you receive an equal amount of books for your advertising investment!!!  You can give your books to clients or employees or you can sell them and make your advertising FREE!!! (Full and Half Page Ads only)

People see that you are helping your community with these books and are more likely to use your products and services!
Your ad is EXCLUSIVE for your city!!! How many other advertising sources offer this benefit?  Full and 1/2 page ads are exclusive for the entire book and other ads are exclusive for each city.
These books are usually kept in the purse or glove compartment and are always close by!  They do not get thrown away!  What other ad medium offers this???
The ONLY other type of advertising that has this long-term exposure is the yellow pages and they are much more expensive and are not Exclusive like Denver Savings Book!!!  + Most people look online for information but they look at our book ALL the time to save money.  People are also in a good mood when they see your ad because they just save money or found a new dining or entertainment experience!
Compare us to ALL of the rest and see who comes out on top!!! Average monthly cost is only $17 to $137!  Your helping the community!  Your ad does not get thrown away!  Your Ad is FREE with the FREE books you receive!!!
  You don't need a huge ad to get someone attention.  Our ads are placed next to the indexes or direction/information pages so people are automatically directed to look at your ad!!!
You also receive 1 year FREE advertising to our online directory. This is a $240 value ($29 per month)  Take a look at the site as it will become THE Premier online site for Denver, Colorado residents!
The wonderful difference between us and most any other ad source is that we charge ad rates that just cover the cost of printing and supplies.  Our profit is made from the sale of books. 
You are also advertising in The Book that absolutely has the best value for saving money than any other source ~ Period!  No other savings card in the area can compare.  You will be part of Denver Savings Book   "Helping Others In Need".
Coupon Books will Expire ???   Full 18 months of advertising.
Thank You for your support  
Robert Mitchell
Helping Others In Need

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